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We, at neurococi.ro, we make fun of the left and the right, and the ugly and the beautiful, and me, and you, and factories and plants.
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About neurococi

   Researcher Malakhovskaya, together with other researchers with shorter names, therefore without the necessary resonance to be mentioned, performed several scientific tests and discovered that the sign of the cross has unique bactericidal powers.
   Thus, according to www.holy-transfiguration.org, if you make the sign of the cross over a glass of water, the number of harmful bacteria decreases, (quote) "...seven, ten, hundreds, even thousands of times".
   Of course, in the case of repeating the experiment with a glass of vodka, the sign of the cross did not decrease the number of dangerous bacteria at all, because they were already in the glass of water, to be honest.
   Our service researcher continued the experiment and even managed to photograph such a dangerous bacterium that disappears when you make the sign of the cross (see photo). It's called gray neurococcus, it walks in gangs, and it's sensitive to holy things.

photo neurococcus

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