The Mediterranean cyclone made a blasphemy.

The Mediterranean cyclone made a blasphemy.
The people of Banat calmed down after finding out that the dreaded Mediterranean cyclone barely touched Bega by a few centimeters. The service meteorologist from Timisoara, Fruncel Muecluj, for neurococi: "We are agitating for nothing. Well, in Italy they said that they were taking away cars, things like that. I was really hoping that he could bring me a Fiat, an olive tree...Pârţ! He barely made a blasphemy, but what do I say blasphemy. . a hood, 5 cm. I understand that Bega is cold in May and the hood is not quite up to the knees, yes, whatever. I'm thinking of giving up meteorology because I have nothing to do in Timisoara: here we're only measuring blasphemy. There hasn't been a mayor in the last 30 years who didn't commit blasphemy."

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