Collaborator AUR brought the recipe for the 'bullets' found on her.

Collaborator AUR brought the recipe for the 'bullets' found on her.
The Gold collaborator, Ariadna Cîrligeanu, presented to the authorities the prescription issued by the family doctor, for the 4 bullets found on him. The doctor prescribed a 4-day cure with lead suppositories which, according to the leaflet, would have cured her of the conspiracy theory. Adriana defends herself by saying that the medicine is part of the same class of suppositories used by Klaus Iohannis when he cannot remove a cogwheel. Prosecutors administered the 4 suppositories in a single dose to verify the clinical trials. Only 2 hours after the administration, the AUR employee registered in the USR, the prosecutors recorded the proof that the medicine works and Adriana was removed from criminal prosecution. Ionuț Moșteanu, USR spokesperson, about the new member: "Probably the lead went straight to her brain. Now her ideas have the necessary weight to change the world with us!"

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