Klaus Iohannis about the coronation: "Everything happened so quickly!"

Klaus Iohannis about the coronation: "Everything happened so quickly!"
The only man who wasn't bored at the coronation of Charles was Klaus Iohannis. The lip reader who proved that Charles was bored to death at his own coronation, tried to read Iohannis' lips as well but committed suicide. Sky News reacted promptly and, in order to decipher the President of Romania, brought in an expert in sign language. After studying Iohannis through binoculars for more than 30 minutes, the sign language expert made a Z-sign with his sword in his stomach, presumably so he wouldn't forget where he had left off. Because experts, be they British, are relatively rare, Sky News decided to send Stuart Ramsay in person, god forbid, to interview Iohannis. Stuart broadcast live that President Iohannis is fascinated by the dizzying speed with which the ceremony is taking place, then he was shot by the Russians.

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